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Carolyn's talents include educating and facilitating individuals and groups to gain success in the art world.
This area provides examples of her expertise, including photographs of community works.

Projects, course, programs offered to schools, small groups and individuals

  1. Hand-built clay techniques for figurative sculptures
  2. Applying colour and glazes
  3. Raku firing techniques
  4. Create your own decor - handmade and designed glazed tiles for practical use (for home or features in schools etc.)
  5. Shape the earth - fun courses for kids.
2 Dimensional
  1. Printmaking techniques etching, collograph, linocut
  2. Oil Pastels, techniques in bright and expressive colour
  3. Turn your art into cards.
Texture / Mixed Media
  1. Wire basketry techniques, knitting, weaving
  2. Found object / assemblage techniques
  3. Needle felting / sewing /patchwork
  4. Copper foil and leadlighting as jewellery pieces.
Cape Barren Flags
Cape Barren Community Project